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When you face an overwhelming personal challenge, life-altering changes can result. This was the situation for founder Tasha Jones. Several years ago she experienced such a crisis when faced with the loss of her young daughter, after a cardiac issue proved fatal.

During the time she spent in hospital, Mrs. Jones discovered the need for and benefits of quality care. She didn’t fully know it at the time, but the spark to create Sky Heart Home Care Services was lit during this immensely difficult period in her family’s life.

Driven by a need to help support other families during times of need—whether a crisis, or simple daily support and love—it wasn’t long before Mrs. Jones decided to bring together others who shared her mission. Building off her own 15+-year career in mental and behavioral health, and facility management, she launched her own home care service.

She named it Sky Heart in honor of her daughter, Skylar.

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