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Should You Choose Home Care

When you, or a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle is having trouble getting around on their own and you can’t be there all day, you may wonder whether you should choose home care or a nursing home to make sure they’re safe and cared for.

There are many factors to consider in making your choice, but the short answer is: If 24/7 care isn’t necessary for their health, home care may be a perfect solution. Home care lets seniors get to stay in the home they love, while giving the rest of the family peace of mind.

When an expert visit the home regularly, distant relatives can know that someone is checking for safety risks from slippery surfaces, to replacing smoke detector batteries, to confirming medications have been taken.

Should you choose home care, you’ll find that seniors enjoy plenty of other pluses too:

Help with housekeeping

There are so many aspects to keeping up with daily living that can be made easier with home care assistance. Seniors who may be struggling with mobility and balance can get help with tasks like doing laundry and keeping the home dusted and vacuumed. Aides can even help with the garbage and keeping things organized around the house.

Basic meal preparation

While meal prep know-how or physical stamina may present issues for some seniors, even older adults who used to love preparing the family meals may lose interest when it’s just them at home. Prepping and cooking for one sometimes just doesn’t seem worth the trouble. Home care staff can help ensure seniors get a basic healthy meal, and can also be a friendly helper in the kitchen to help former enthusiasts maintain their passion.

Shopping and running errands

The question “should you choose home care,” is often prompted by issues surrounding transportation. Many aging adults have no need to be homebound… but can’t safely drive themselves around. Home care aides can provide a solution by providing transportation to help keep clients connected to their favorite stores, stopping places, and medical appointments, and go with them to visit parks or on other outings, all as part of companionship care.

Company and friendship

Home care aides and companion sitters—at least at Sky Heart Home Care—pursue careers in this line of work because they love to help. Through regular visits, seniors and their caregiving staff get to know one another; the team finds out what activities the client enjoys. Common activities include going for walks, playing games, reading aloud, chatting, watching movies, playing cards, and even writing letters or notes. This type of interaction helps keep seniors engaged and their brains stimulated, reduces the sense of isolation and loneliness and encourages physical movement—all of which helps boost their overall well-being.

Should you choose home care? If you’re starting to explore that option in your family, we hope you will give us a call. It would be a privilege to get to meet your family and help to assemble a care program to serve you.

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